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Candy Pretzel Monsters

Spooky season deserves some attention, and we have exactly the treat this occasion calls for.

Welcome to our recipe & craft tutorial blog - your online resource for everything we share to help you make your home more filled with the things that make you happy. Today we're making candy pretzel monsters and although these look too cute to eat, don't mistake these for decorations. They taste as good as they look!

The combination of salty crunchy pretzel and soft sweet chocolate coating is the perfect pairing. Here are a few tips before you get started, and, disclaimer, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, at no expense to you of course. Product links are paid. Nevertheless, these are the products I use and love:

1. Start with the right tools:

  • These silicone spurtles from Open Road House are our favorite new tools for all things baking. We use them in this receipe for stirring, mixing, and spreading with accuracy, ease, and zero staining from food dyes. They're just awesome for cooking too. From separating eggs and getting that last bit of dough out of your bowl to stirring big batches of batter and lifting delicate cookies off the sheet, this set does it all. Seriously. We love it. You can purchase a set in light blue or soft gray here:

  • While these measuring cups aren't strictly necessary for this receipe, we LOVE them for working alongside children in the kitchen. The bright colors make them so fun to use, they make a great stocking stuffer or gift for your little kitchen helpers. Children are less likely to harm themselves with these smooth rounded plastic edges. And for $6, everyone wins.

  • A silicone baking mat is essential when working with candy creations. We love the large size of our silicone baking mat, and we find new uses for this handy kitchen staple every day. Some receipes just do not work on parchment (think lace cookies) and we just never seem to have wax paper around. You can find our favorite silicone baking mat here:

  • If you can find a baking sheet that is larger than your standard cookie sheet, say around 16" x 22", you can properly lay out all the toppings you'd like for an easier and more fun experience with little ones! These oversize cookie sheets will also cut down on the number of batches you have to make when baking cookies or other treats. This is the cookie sheet we use, and have used, for years:

2. Lay out all of your toppings for easy rolling before you start! Once you're elbow deep in melted chocolate and sprinkles, the less back-and-forth you have to do, the better. Line your extra large baking sheet with rows of sprinkles, sugar crystals, coconut shavings, toffee bits, and anything else you can dip your pretzels in. Then roll up your sleeves and let the fun commence!

3. Work with one color at a time and let the remaining uncolored chocolate rest on the stovetop atop a lightly simmering double boiler. Once you add your food coloring to the chocolate, you can't reheat it. It will turn into a clay-like dry paste if you try. For the best experience, place a small amount of the melted chocolate into a cup, add your food dye, and continue to dip and work with that color until you're ready to start again with a new color.

4. Watch our tutorial Video! Seriously, we explain it all and walk you through every step of the process. Watch and subscribe to our new YouTube Channel - "On Wednesday We Bake." We'll be posting helpful videos showing you the details of each recipe, every Wednesday. See you there and happy baking!


1 lb. bag (or more!) of your favorite salted pretzel rods

2 c. melting chocolate wafers (white, milk, or dark chocolate - whatever you prefer!)

various toppings - we used colored sprinkles, shredded cocconut flakes, colored sugar crystals, and toffee bits

1/2 c. powdered sugar (if you're interested in going a step further and molding accessories like horns, wings, smiles, or arms - let your imagination reign!)

1 t. water (to add to powdered sugar for extra pieces, which again, are totally optional)


  1. In a double boiler, on the stove, heat a small amount of water to a simmer and place melting chocolate in top bowl to melt

  2. Stir continuously until chocolate is melted

  3. Transfer a small amount into a cup and add two drops of desired food dye to color chocolate

  4. Stir with spurtle until fully combined

  5. Dip 1/3 to 1/2 of pretzel rod in colored chocolate and coat thoroughly

  6. Roll candy coated pretzel in topping of your choice until satisfactorily covered

  7. Place eyes or other small parts onto pretzel to create your monster!

  8. Allow your candy pretzel monsters to cool and harden on a silicone baking mat

  9. If molding accessories, combine powdered sugar and water in a cup to form a dry paste

  10. Add up to two drops of any desired food coloring to a small amount of your molding sugar paste

  11. Form small parts from colored sugar paste and allow to harden for 3 - 4 minutes

  12. Use a trace amount of melted chocloate to "glue" hardened accessories onto hardened pretzel monster to complete your monster's look!

Please let us know how they turn out and let us know if there's any other recipes you'd like to see from us!

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